About Us

About Us
Lets get to what you want to know... I have a really fast turn a round time. I try to get jobs done within 24hrs of a confirmed booking. I will provide a custom demo within 24 hrs if needed.

I will work with you on the fees to fit your budgets where possible. I am also open to a negotiation, either of us can say no at any point with no hard feelings !

You can dial into my studio at no extra cost, Zoom, Skype or phone whichever suits you. You can direct or just give pointers if thats easier for you.

Any questions at all please just drop me an email. If I can help I will.

A bit about me....
I first trained with Gary Tezzra (VO Masterclass) and recently trained with My Booth Director Everett Oliver ( The Simpsons, King Of The Hill and so many more ! ) and the Voiceover Game legend Dave Fennoy at his own home studio in Los Angeles
I have a range of talent exclusive to my studio so please have a listen to the demos and just contact us if there is a specific kind of voice you are looking for or impersonation, accent etc etc.

other places I am represented are www.icantalk.co.uk   talk to the wonderful Miss Katie Matthews and www.charactoon.com speak to Mikee Goodman, www.naturalsoundingvoices.com speak to Tracy, All amazing agents and may be able to help you with other voices and projects.

My current Game Demo reel is on www.charactoon.com just look on the male voices for Paul Dela Ross

I am also on Amazon books narrating a few different titles

I am also the Production Manager for The Amazing Bavarian Stompers the industry standard in Bavarian Entertainment ! www.abs-shows.com

 I can also be found on Spotlight