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About Us

About Us
Delaross Voiceovers is run by myself, Paul Dela Ross I am a professional host, compere, radio presenter and voiceover. I've been in the business for 30 years ( I'm getting old now ! ) and have won many awards along the way for my services to entertainment. I like to think I have an eye or rather an ear for new talent and have gathered some up from the entertainment world to work with me on Delaross voiceovers for new and exciting projects ( and some not so exciting ones, lets be honest )

I have a fully equipped broadcast quality studio with vocal booth. ipDTL connectivity a phone line patch into the vocal booth plus engineers on hand in case a budding new talent or even client wishes to record themselves ! All work is send over as MP3 or WAV files just ask.

I first trained with Gary Tezzra (VO Masterclass) and recently trained with My Booth Director Everett Oliver ( The Simpsons, King Of The Hill and so many more ! ) and the Voiceover Game legend Dave Fennoy at his own home studio in Los Angeles ( I was a bit nervous ! )

I have a range of talent exclusive to my studio so please have a listen to the demos and just contact us if there is a specific kind of voice you are looking for or impersonation, accent etc etc.

Cost wise, ( always the difficult bit ) we charge a studio fee per hr or part there of then usage costs as standard. You can google rate cards from various different places and you'll find we are very competitive. If your looking for really cheap voiceovers then we are not the business for you as I like to pay my voiceover talents ( they are talented I promise ) a proper rate, we will provide as many re takes as you need to get the result you want simple as that. We are not happy until you are.

other places I am represented are   talk to the wonderful Miss Katie Matthews and speak to Mikee Goodman, speak to Tracy, All amazing agents and may be able to help you with other voices and projects.

My current Game Demo reel is on just look on the male voices for Paul Dela Ross

I am also on Amazon books narrating a few different titles and have just finished the NEW narration of Angels and Demons by Dan Brown for Mint Publishing, very exciting times !

I am also the Production Manager for The Amazing Bavarian Stompers the industry standard in Bavarian Entertainment !
 I can also be found on Spotlight

Our Services



We provide the right voices for TV adverts, radio, dubbing over existing vocals, trailers, animation, TV documentaries, audio books and radio plays - you get the idea ! We can provide the voice you need.



Broadcast quality with Source Connect Standard, phone patch if you require to direct the session. Full editing facilities. We can add music, sound effects, source and provide these if required. Prompt and efficient service available 24hrs a day 7 days a week.



We are happy to provide a custom demo for your project, just send us the script and requirements. If you have not decided on a male or female voice, we can provide a recording of either for you to choose - easy !


I'll just mention one or two..... as it just looks like we are bragging otherwise ! Jaguar Landrover, National Farming Charity R.A.B.I, Danske Bank, IMRSIV productions,Kia, Microsoft, WHO, Soreen, Celebrity Cruises, Amazon Prime , Soup Creative, Engineered Arts. Narration: Books by Dan Brown ( Angels and Demons ) for Mint Publishing, Games include: WarHammer, Disco Elysium, The Falconeer, Castlestorm 2 there are many more and we can provide testimonials upon request.

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